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REMODEL YOUR EXISTING POOL AND DISCOVER A WHOLE NEW BACKYARD Whether your pool needs repair or just a new look, Outdoor Living Pool & Patio makes the remodeling process easy and affordable. Turn what once was great into something better than you ever imagined! Outdoor Living’s experienced Design Professionals will assist you in choosing the best remodel plan for your situation. You can meet with a Design Professional at our office or for a free in-home estimate. And we offer great financing options which make it all possible. Schedule an appointment today to recreate the backyard of your dreams!


Choose from Outdoor Living’s extensive design options to make your pool fabulous again.

Interior Resurfacing with StoneScapes®, QuartzScapes® or ColorScapes®

StoneScapes ColorScapes QuartzScapes

Decking with Natural Stone, Stamped Concrete, or Salt Finish Deck


Whether your swimming pool is in need of a simple resurface or a complete redesign, Outdoor Living Pool & Patio Remodeling is your top choice for all your swimming pool remodeling needs. With hundreds of swimming pool remodeling projects and hundreds of new swimming pools built in the DFW Metroplex, Outdoor Living Pool & Patio has the experience and expertise to create the unique pool you have envisioned, regardless the size or difficulty of the project. And no matter who built your swimming pool, Outdoor Living Pool & Patio can help you remodel it. Isn’t it time to remodel your swimming pool and turn it into the place you’ve always dreamed of?

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Custom Spa
Give yourself the gift of therapeutic backyard hydrotherapy: Choose from a wide variety of designs and jet options that fit your needs.
Custom Waterline Tile
New waterline tile can help breathe new life into any swimming pool. A tremendous variety of colors and fashionable stone-looking ceramic tiles are available..
Add a tanning ledge
A tanning ledge is the perfect play area for parents and young children alike. Typically 6 inches deep, a tanning ledge is the perfect place for a swimming pool umbrella and beach chair.
Add a Swim-up Bar
Add a natural rock waterfall
A natural rock waterfall is a dramatic and inviting addition to any swimming pool. The relaxing sound of flowing water will make you want to vacation in your backyard everyday.
Add a custom rock waterfall and slide
A custom rock waterfall and slide combination is the perfect way to bring fun and a “wow” factor to any swimming pool.
Stacked Stone
Stacked stone is very popular and can be used in a variety of ways both as a water feature and as detailing.

Change your swimming pool’s shape or depth
If you can dream it, we can build it. No matter what shape or depth your swimming pool is now, Outdoor Living Pool & Patio can alter it to encompass the design changes you’re looking for.
Fire & Water Features
Add a raised area with elegant fire/water pots in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.

Beach Entry
Add a Beach Entry for kids to play and to layout

Swimming Pool

Exchange your old white swimming pool light for a remote-controlled, color changing L.E.D light that will create a dramatic new look at night.


Turn these fountains on to add the gentle sound of bubbling water and an elegant water feature.

Deck Jets

Add a trio of these elegant flush mounted jets that stream water into the swimming pool for a classic and whimsical look.

Mosaic Tile Inserts
Add a custom look to the floor or steps of your swimming pool with unique mosaic tiles, available in a variety of shapes and sizes, including the very popular turtles and dolphins.
Misting Systems
Add built-in misters to cool off while lounging around the swimming pool on those hot summer nights.
Change the shape or size of your concrete swimming pool deck.

Interior Finishes

Large pebble
Stonescapes, our most durable pebble interior finish, comes in a variety of colors to match the look and feel of your swimming pool.
Small pebble
Stonescapes Mini is our small pebble interior finish that provides a smoother texture and appearance using smaller polished stones. It also comes in a variety of colors to match the look and feel of your swimming pool.
Standard plaster
Our traditional plaster is a special mix of white cement and carefully-selected marble.
Upgraded plaster
This revolutionary plaster finish consists of premium marble and pure Portland cement combined with resilient polymers and pozzolans to add increased durability and strength.
Upgraded plaster with quartz
This revolutionary finish consists of premium marble and pure Portland cement combined with resilient polymers and pozzolans to add increased durability and strength, plus quartz to give your swimming pool sparkling blue water.

Pool Equipment

Energy efficient pumps
Add an ultra energy efficient swimming pool pump, exclusively available through Outdoor Living Pool & Patio. Cut your swimming pool electric bill by up to 60%.
Salt systems
Fully automatic salt water chlorination system produces chlorine by converting salt (sodium chloride) into chlorine. Salt systems produce water that is comfortable and gentle on the eyes, skin, and hair.
Ozone systems
A fully automatic ozone generator reduces chlorine demand by oxidizing water contaminants while helping to rid your swimming pool of chlorine odors.

Reduces chlorine demand by 60 to 70%, while significantly reducing overall swimming pool chemical use and operating costs.

In-floor cleaning systems
Add an automatic, systematic cleaning system for your swimming pool and spa. Flush-mounted circulation heads sweep dirt and debris into suspension to be removed through a venturi powered skimmer and dual anti-vortex main drains.
Add an Outdoor Living exclusive high-capacity cartridge filter and forget about backwashing.

These filters require cleaning about twice per season.

Automated Computer Systems
Add a Wireless Computer system to your pool and spa for great convenience!

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